10 Things You Need to Know About Reactivating Lapsed Donors
August 1, 2009

The more you know about your lapsed donors — their characteristics, interests and relationships to your organization — the better prepared you are to recapture these donors or, more importantly, prevent them from lapsing in the first place. Prevention is perhaps the strongest strategy in addressing lapsed-donor issues. Consider the following when developing your donor-retention strategy:

New Report Values America’s 100 Leading Nonprofit Brands
June 24, 2009

BOSTON, June 24, 2009 — The YMCA of the USA’s brand is worth almost $6.4 billion, making it the nation’s most valuable nonprofit brand, according to The Cone Nonprofit Power Brand 100. This first-of-its-kind research explores the unique relationship between nonprofit brand image and financial performance and revealed some organizations may be leaving millions of dollars in potential unearned revenue on the table.

American Cancer Society Launches Major Brand Revitalization Effort to Help Broaden Consumer Understanding and Connections
April 21, 2009

ATLANTA, April 21, 2009 — The American Cancer Society is launching a major brand revitalization effort focused on helping people better connect with the organization and understand all it has to offer to defeat cancer. Although the American Cancer Society is the most highly recognized health charity brand in the world, Society-conducted research has shown that the public has little understanding about all the organization specifically does.

Gates Foundation Joins Others in Goal to Cut Homelessness
March 20, 2009

A partnership of governments, businesses and nonprofits is pledging today to redouble its efforts to help the growing number of homeless families in Washington state. The pledge includes up to $60 million over 10 years by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

ASPCA Gets Ready to 'Go Orange for Animals'
March 2, 2009

This April, the ASPCA(R) (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(R)) will once again commemorate Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month - an extremely important month for animals. From its beginnings three years ago as a small grassroots adoption event in New York City, the ASPCA's April celebrations have mushroomed into a nationwide celebration of the human-animal bond and the organization's victories on behalf of animals.

How Does Your (Fundraising) Garden Grow?
March 1, 2009

You’ve almost certainly had the meeting. You know, the one about how to survive the crunch, the crisis, the catastrophe — or whatever you want to call it. The meeting where you probably were uncertain about what to do and even about what the impact might be on your organization. Maybe the only thing everyone agreed on was that it’s a difficult situation in fundraising at the moment with few clear answers on how to survive.

October 7, 2008

“As you dig deeper and extend your reach further to find more donor dollars in a worsening economy, be careful about who and what you align your organization with. Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Don’t pretend to be new and improved. Don’t play your donors like mindless pawns. In the case of nonprofit organizations, an ounce of Prevention (-like tactics) could well be worth a lifetime of donor trust issues. Why risk it?” — Margaret Battistelli, Editor-in-Chief, FundRaising Success, in her October column, “An Ounce of Prevention.”

An Ounce of Prevention
October 1, 2008

New Miracle Diet Targets Belly Fat! Bye Bye Belly Fat! No Exercise Required! These are the kinds of e-mails that have been showing up quite frequently in my inbox since I signed up recently for a nutrition-related newsletter. I’ve been dieting, reading about dieting and writing about dieting for 25 years. I’ve done everything from the ice-cream diet to Weight Watchers. Tried Dexatrim, which made me eat faster, and Slim-Fast, which made a great shake with lunch (though didn’t work so well in place of it). I took fen-phen even after it was banned, and once, I massaged a baked potato because I

Steward Direct-Mail Donors to Major Giving
March 19, 2007

The key strategy to turning direct-mail constituents into major-gift donors is stewardship, says Karen Osborne, president of full-service consulting firm The Osborne Group. Stewardship is “more than sending out a thank-you note,” Osborne says. It is an addition to the suite of things an organization does through direct mail -- such as adding impact statements in a post-thank-you touch that communicate the difference a donor’s gift made. “The thank-you is just, ‘this is what we promise to do with your money.’ Stewardship is, ‘this is in fact what we did with your money.’ It’s the delivery on the promise,” Osborne says. For

Fundraising Unleashed!
April 1, 2006

If there were to be crowned a Richard Simmons of nonprofit fundraising in the United States, ASPCA Senior Vice President of Development and Communications Jo Sullivan just might fill those sequined short-shorts.