List Look
June 1, 2008

Following is a sampling of new-to-the-market and newly managed lists. #1 Golf Investors Mailing List: Target more than 1 million wealthy investors who love to golf and make financial investments. Price: $100/M. Call: Crowley Marketing, 800.488.4852; or visit 1TM Home Improvement Requesters Opt-in Email Database: Target more than 2.3 million online consumers with an interest in home improvement. Price: $65/M. Call: 1Touch Marketing, 561.368.5067; e-mail; or visit A and R Research — Pet Owners & Lovers: Target more than 6 million pet owners and lovers. Price: $85/M. Call: ACT ONE LISTS, 800.228.5478; e-mail; or visit Audubon Naturalist Society: Target

2007 Article Index for FundRaising Success
December 1, 2007

Awards2007 Fundraising Professionals of the Year Awards by Margaret Battistelli, February H **2007 Gold Awards for Fundraising Excellence by Margaret Battistelli and Abny Santicola, September H **BrandingNet Gain: The Young and the Restless by Nick Allen, February GFundraiser Confidential: The Pursuit of Brand Happiness by Todd Baker, May GTag(line)! You’re It! by Richard Deveau, September…

Web Bonus: List Look
May 1, 2007

Following is a sampling of lists available to reach parents as potential donors.

List Look
December 1, 2006

Following is a sampling of lists available to reach men and parents as potential donors.

Going (Less) Wild
March 1, 2006

In fall 2002, the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association, which each year sees 1.4 million visitors pass through its gates and mails close to a million direct-mail appeals, felt the need for a direct-mail face lift.

The membership appeal the zoo had been mailing was a two-color effort, with a photo on the carrier of a little girl giggling as a chimpanzee looks back at her through a window.