Parents Television Council

Head-Turning Copy
January 9, 2007

This package from the Parents Television Council uses urgent, motivating copy to rally constituents. Enclosed in the 4.5-inch-by-10.25-inch carrier printed on brown paper bag-like material is a four-page, 8.75-inch-by-10.75-inch brochure that holds a petition, a two-page content summary of the “explicit” content in the TV show “Rescue Me,” and a reply form. The petition to elected representatives demands “Cable Choice,” which would allow households to opt-out of receiving channels that they feel have indecent programming. The content summary includes partial transcripts of the first four episodes of the 2006 season of “Rescue Me.” A caution at the top of the summary reads, “CAUTION: This material

List Look
December 1, 2006

Following is a sampling of lists available to reach men and parents as potential donors.