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Advice From the Fundraising Sages
January 10, 2013

To begin 2013, I asked four of my colleagues, all seasoned professionals with years of hands-on fundraising experience, to contribute one piece of advice for fundraising in this new year. Here’s what they told me.

Selecting a List, Testing It Twice …
April 5, 2012

To acquire a large number of new donors quickly, nonprofits often turn to direct mail. It's cheap (well, compared to an option like direct-response television); you can target a specific geographic area or demographic; and over time you recoup your costs, identify potential major donors and planned-giving prospects, and build a loyal — and profitable — group of supporters.

Making Donor Acquisition Less Painful
August 4, 2011

Working with a list broker can be the best "cure" for a lackluster direct-mail donor acquisition program if you choose the right partner for your project.