Ken Berger, CEO of Charity Navigator, Leaves Abruptly
April 2, 2015

Ken Berger, who led the country’s most prominent nonprofit watchdog, Charity Navigator, for almost seven years, abruptly left his job this week after the board decided to find a leader with more expertise in technology. "Charity Navigator has been going through a planning process and doing a lot of thinking about where we’re headed next," Berger said in an interview. "As part of that, the organization is increasingly seeing itself as a technology company."

Contest Philanthropy at the Council on Foundations: A Troubling Dynamic
March 23, 2015

In coming up with the idea to hold a “Philanthropic Challenge on Economy and Finance” at its 2015 annual meeting scheduled for the end of April, the Council on Foundations presumably had to have drawn some justification, something that convinced them that a “contest” (the COF announcement includes a link to “official contest guideline [sic] rules” would be a good thing for the Council to pursue for an industry or sector ostensibly devoted to a deliberative process.

25 Nonprofit Website Musts
March 1, 2015

To best serve your multiple constituencies it's vital that your site functions as more than a simple online brochure. Here are 25 nonprofits website musts.

Court Orders IRS to Release Computer-Readable Charity Tax Forms
January 30, 2015

A federal judge handed open-records activist Carl Malamud a victory in his battle to get the Internal Revenue Service to release Form 990 tax returns in a format that can be read by computers, thus making information about nonprofit operations far more accessible. U.S. District Judge William Orrick rejected the IRS's argument that producing the documents requested by Malamud's group, Public.Resource.Org, would create a significant burden on an overstretched agency.

Women in Power — Or Not So Much: Gender in the Nonprofit Sector
January 22, 2015

Local and small nonprofit venues are teeming with women in power, but when big money comes into play, boundaries go up quickly. The fact that women are underrepresented when it comes to having seats on nonprofit boards should come as no surprise to anybody, and control of money certainly figures in, as a recent article in the Washington Post documents yet again. Overall, women comprise 43 percent of the membership of nonprofit boards, but that drops to 33 percent when considering boards of nonprofits with incomes of $25 million or more.

MicroEdge Announces GIFTS Online 5.2
December 29, 2014

(Press release, Dec. 10, 2014) — MicroEdge®, the leading provider of solutions to the giving community worldwide, recently acquired by Blackbaud Inc., announced the release of GIFTS Online® 5.2, a significant update to the leading cloud-based grants management system. With this update, grantmaking organizations gain capacity for more collaborative grantee relationships, an enhanced ability to track and report on their giving, the introduction of new tools for managing scholarships and more.

Nonprofit Sector Grows Into Powerful National Player
December 29, 2014

Nonprofits employ roughly 11.4 million nationwide, accounting for more than 10 percent of all jobs in the United States outside the public sector, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics figures released for the first time. That puts nonprofit employment ahead of all but two industries — retail trade and manufacturing — and signals that tax-exempt organizations are becoming an increasingly prominent player in the national economy, experts say.