April Postal Increases Worry Nonprofit Magazine Publishers
March 18, 2015

Some iconic publications by charities like Consumer Reports and Guideposts may decide to publish less frequently in print because of unexpectedly large postage increases due to take effect next month. Under the new rates, which will take effect April 26 if approved by the Postal Rate Commission, Guideposts will cost nearly 10 percent more to mail while postage on Consumer Reports and its three spin-off publications will increase by 8.5 percent to more than 16 percent.

Postal Regulatory Commission Rejects Rate Hikes That Angered Nonprofits
March 7, 2015

The Postal Regulatory Commission rejected a rate increase proposal that had angered many nonprofits that publish printed magazines like Consumer Reports and Guideposts. The nonprofits complained of big spikes in the cost of mailing those publications the new postage rates had taken effect next month as planned. The commission remanded the proposal back to the USPS and ordered changes, saying “the Postal Service has not provided sufficient information for the Commission to determine whether the planned Package Services price adjustment is accurate and complies with applicable law.”

5 Critical Obstacles to Resourcing Small Nonprofits
February 27, 2014

All nonprofit organizations face obstacles. However, the five I’ve chosen to focus on seem to be more prevalent in smaller organizations. But according to my definitions, these particular obstacles are problems for which there are workable solutions. They can be overcome. As you’ll soon see, I believe organizations need to focus on growth, and growth requires various kinds of resources.

'Cautious optimism' for community foundations
May 9, 2011

While their assets, gifts and grants all grew in 2010 in the wake of the recession, community foundations are walking a fine line between focusing on immediate and long-term needs, a new study says.

Assets at over 250 community foundations participating in the annual survey by the Columbus Foundation grew 13 percent on average in 2010, compared to a decline of 12 percent in 2009.

Yet while nearly one-third of community foundations increased their overall operating expenses by 19 percent on average, roughly one-fourth reduced their expenses by 20 percent on average.

Young Donors and Other Mythical Creatures
May 1, 2010

That's right — even if you're in your 40s or 50s, you are a rare young donor. (Enjoy this last chance of being thought of as a young anything!) If you're under 40, well, statistically you don't quite exist. Charitable giving is almost entirely dominated by older people. It's their territory, the way pop music belongs to young people.