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August 6, 2008

“Universal search gives the savvy marketer the opportunity to grab more valuable real estate on the search engine results page. Unlocking your Web site’s content (making it available for search engines to index and rank effectively) is the key to doing this. Marketers have to put themselves in the shoes of a search engine spider, which happens to wear a lot of shoes. Can the spider understand what this video is about? Can it figure out what this image is showing? Is my blog optimized for search? It’s time to take a good, long look at all your content and cook it into tasty

Is Your E-mail Message Getting Through?
August 30, 2005

Is Your E-mail Message Getting Through? August 30, 2005 By Jon Biedermann In its relatively short life, e-mail has gone from a neat way to send a joke to a powerful medium where individualized messages can be broadcast to many people at once. This success has led to some negatives, such as SPAM and an avalanche of information that piles up in "inboxes" everyday, but e-mail marketing is still an important tool. Now, people's use of e-mail has matured to the point where they only want to see important information from a select group that they choose to contact them. So