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Report Slamming Savers LLC Prompts Pivot in Handling of Donated Goods
December 15, 2014

Several nonprofits that use for-profit companies to collect donated goods say that they will look more closely at such arrangements, following a Minnesota decision that called for Savers LLC to change its business practices.

Minnesota’s Attorney General’s Office filed a compliance report in November stating that "Savers mixes its identity with that of the charities and fails to disclose the amount of a donor’s donation that is received by the charity versus the amount that is retained by Savers, a for-profit corporation."

Minn. Attorney General Questions Company's Solicitation of Noncash Gifts for Charities
November 26, 2014

A for-profit thrift store chain that works with charities to collect used items for resale regularly fails to disclose to donors how much of their gifts goes to charitable causes and how much of them are retained as profit, the Minnesota attorney general charged in a report released Monday.

Savers LLC earns more than $1 billion annually from sales at its 330 stores in the United States, Canada and Australia. It solicits donations of clothing and household goods on its own and through several charities, including some in Minnesota.

The Surprising Power of Promotional Products
December 31, 2013

When veterans’ nonprofit group Disabled American Veterans sends a mailing for contributions, Dr. Robert Cialdini, professor emeritus of psychology and marketing at Arizona State University, said, it gets an 18 percent response rate. When the same letter is sent with personalized address labels, which cost about eight cents, the response rate goes up to 35 percent. “For the cost of the address labels they get almost a doubling of return,” he said. “It’s very powerful rule and very small things can trigger it.”

Ho? Ho? Or Ho?
December 1, 2012

Go big or go small, either way … but in fundraising, and perhaps as it should be also in life, it's not only "the thought that counts," but also what you do with your idea and how creatively you follow through.

What's Above Your Fold?
October 1, 2012

Make sure those thumb-through folks see your important direct-mail components first … so they turn into content-pullers and engage with you.

Membership Really Does Have Its Privileges
April 1, 2012

The ball drops in Times Square, and next thing you know, Chez Seville is lousy with membership cards. Over the course of about six weeks, I received member/partner/supporter cards from 18 different organizations.

Membership Has Its Privileges
April 1, 2012

Over the course of about six weeks, I received member/partner/supporter cards from 18 different organizations.