5 Non-Traditional and Creative Resources for Nonprofit Donations
May 2, 2013

Not all donations need to be of the direct monetary variety. Donors are tighter with their money and are becoming more concerned about where the money is spent. As a result, they sometimes want to give in different ways, and sometimes they might even like something in return. From the point of view of the nonprofit, creativity is crucial. With that in mind, here are five non-traditional and creative resources that nonprofits can use to get donations of both money and items.

Modeling — Taking It Straight From the Experts (Part 2)
April 3, 2013

Welcome to Part 2 of yesterday's post. Modeling: The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to know what the experts were thinking — so I decided to just ask! For the most part, what is in this article are direct comments/quotes from the folks that I believe are the brightest and the best in our industry around this topic.

Agencies Pitch in With Sandy Relief Efforts
November 7, 2012

Digital agencies in and around New York are helping get the region back on its feet following the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy last week. Some are donating money, some are collecting food and provisions, and others have built online tools to help speed the recovery.

Big Spaceship built, which is documenting the recovery efforts around the country by pulling in images from Instagram tagged #Sandy. The site also prompts visitors to either donate money or volunteer their help.

Shake Off the Blues and Bring on the Boomers
November 1, 2012

We know the baby boomer population is huge, but we also know relatively few boomers donate even though they are hitting prime giving age. So what do the boomers want, and how do we capture and engage them?