Randy Brewer

Randy Brewer
Does Your Message Fit Into a Tweet?

What strategies do you adopt to re-educate your support base, while continuing to attract the new — and younger — benefactors that represent your future? In the spirit of today’s 140-character, headline-news world, here’s my top 10 list.

Knowing When to Hold 'Em

Direct-response fundraisers often struggle during the political season, as local, state and federal races attract giving that would otherwise be earmarked for charity. Donor fatigue and a still shaky economy continue to pose formidable challenges. But, don't succumb to those fears and overplay your hand. Better to wait for when the stakes are not quite as high and you can better afford to gamble.

Making the Right Call

What do you do when a donor just stops responding to the mail? Here's a suggestion: Take a look at telemarketing.

3 Priorities for Avoiding the Potholes on the Road to Recovery

Challenging finances cause nonprofits to re-evaluate priorities and pick up valuable lessons, focusing on what's truly important. Adhering to three positive principles will help you survive — and even thrive in — today's sluggish economy.