Natania LeClerc

Natania LeClerc

Natania LeClerc has been doing digital marketing for large- and small-scale social good organizations since 2004, expanding their reach through strategies that help grow their list as well as keep users engaged. 

Natania earned a BA in political science from Loyola University Chicago and a Certificate in Digital Marketing from DePaul University, Chicago. She joined ThinkShout in February 2016 as the senior digital engagement strategist. She not only leads engagement and marketing work, but also manages content audits, user interviews, user journeys and various other strategy work. Outside of making an organization’s goals a reality, Natania is passionate about photography, travel and her 55-lb lap dog.


Fundraising Through Alexa

“Alexa, make a $25 donation to __” When I started at nonprofits, giving online was seldom utilized. So much so, that we would manually enter the donations into our CRM one-by-one from a printout. That was in 2004, when data syncs from online platforms to your legacy database were not a thing. People were skeptical…

How the Proposed Changes in the Tax Code Could Impact Your Organization

The end of the year is approaching and along with that, the traditional wave of last-minute, tax-deductible gifts from supporters. Or is it? This uncertainty around tax-deductible gifts isn't a commentary on the ever-fluctuating state of affairs at your organization or in our country, rather it’s about proposed changes to the tax code...