Mike Smith

Mike Smith

Michael “Mike” Smith joined OneSight as the senior director of product supply and logistics in 2015. Since taking on this role, he has built a lean global supply chain for supplying low-cost eyewear for charitable clinics and sustainable vision centers — including the implementation of three government-owned manufacturing labs in Africa, revamping OneSight’s frame and lens strategy, and establishing a groundbreaking integrated real-time global clinic operations IT platform.

Previously, he served as AVP at Luxottica Optical Manufacturing for 11 years, where he pioneered the role of brand liaison for all Luxottica optical brands and led strategy and project management office functions. Prior to Luxottica Optical Manufacturing, Mike served as AVP at LensCrafters for 11 years, where he was responsible for overall quality, manufacturing and safety, as well as acquisition assimilation.

Mike joined LensCrafters from The Cumberland Group, a consulting firm which he and a small team founded to deliver quality and productivity improvement products to NASA and major contractors in aerospace and defense.

Further, Mike has served on the board of the Cincinnati Astronomical Society and remains active as a Boy Scout merit badge counselor and event supervisor for the annual Science Olympiad competition. He holds an MBA in Finance from Xavier University and graduated from the University of Wisconsin.

Nonprofit Brand Development Through Focus on Mission

In order to continue to build your brand, you must be flexible and adaptable with your solution, with a constant focus on whom you serve. OneSight has been fortunate in that we have always been committed to improving vision.