Larry C. Johnson

Larry C. Johnson
We Always Have Choices

But we need to be aware of who needs to make which choices. When we don't attempt to make the choices that others should be making, life works out a whole lot better for everyone.

Unite Your Board and Blast Off!

Your board may be performing well enough, but once you've seen a group that is truly united, you realize how much more can be achieved.

Aligning Methods With Goals

The proper role of a board is to expect and demand from staff workable, realistic plans for revenue generation. Both board and staff have a role in implementing these plans.

How to Know If You'll Be Successful

Although the outcomes of any given fundraising effort cannot be known with absolute certainty, assessing the probability of success isn't entirely guesswork, either.

Year-End Giving: Renewing or Refreshing?

As you reach out to renew those friendships with loyal donors to your cause with year-end appeals, the first question you should ask yourself is how these investors to your organization came to be the loyal, dependable friends that they are? You’ll discover that sustaining and expanding the flow of year-end investments is much more about what you did last year than anything you will do in the next few weeks.