Larry C Johnson

Larry C Johnson

Larry believes in the power of relationships and the power of philanthropy to create a better place and transform lives.

Larry is the founder of The Eight Principles. His mission is to give nonprofits and philanthropists alike the opportunity to achieve their shared visions. With more than 25 years of experience in charitable fundraising and philanthropy, Larry knows that financial sustainability and scalability is possible for any nonprofit organization or charitable cause and is dependent on neither size nor resources but instead with the commitment to create a shared vision.

Larry is the author of the award-wining book, “The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising.” He is the Association of Fundraising Professionals’ 2010 Outstanding Development Executive and has ranked in the Top 15 Fundraising Consultants in the United States by the Wall Street Business Network.

Larry is the creator of the revolutionary online fundraising training platform, The Oracle League.

Reach Larry on social media at:

Twitter: Larry_C_Johnson
LinkedIn: larryjohnsonmegrace
Facebook: TheEightPrinciples

Growing Your Fundraising

When we’re trying to grow a business or an organization, there are several ways we can do it.

Taking Control

The only way to get things done is to take control of the situation and move forward. Success may be incremental.

Enduring Fundraising Success

When you ask a nonprofit leader or executive what they need most, the response is almost always “more money.”

Being Less Stupid

We’ve all made needless mistakes in our lives. Mistakes, even outright failures, can be building blocks for eventual success.

Are You Bowling or Playing Tennis?

Both bowling and tennis are competitive sports. Just ask anyone who’s serious about either. The question is: When you’re fundraising, which are you playing, bowling or tennis? It’s one or the other...

Being in Fifth Grade—Strategic Fundraising

When you were in fifth grade, everything was planned. Safe. Secure. You’ve been in school a few years now. You get the drill. You’ve mastered the playground. The challenges of adolescence aren’t even on the horizon...

What’s the Question?

When you ask someone to invest in your cause, what’s the first question that pops into their mind? What’s the one real hurdle you’ll need to vault to get to “yes”?...

The Skunk at the Gala

Since you think you’ve heard all of the objections to holding your annual gala and you believe you’ve answered all of them, I challenge you to work around this one! It’s the granddaddy of strategic fundraising truisms...

Fundraising Training Focused on Human Nature: Dispensing Joy

Fundraisers are trained to raise money. And they do. The fundraising training they receive (if they receive any at all) is focused on money. The more the better. There’s a problem with this approach. Often times, the more you seek money, the less of it you find...

How Many Nonprofit Tech Tools Does Your Organization Need?

We live in the era of high performance tech. Everyone is getting on board—even nonprofits. Or, should I say, especially nonprofits. Your fundraising training never prepared you for all the nonprofit tech tools...

Too Busy? Invest in Fundraising Training

How do I get started building a strategic fundraising program? Get the right kind of fundraising training. What’s the “right kind”? Fundraising training that focuses on fundraising principles, not techniques or tactics...

Your Fundraising Instincts Are (In)Correct

Ever notice how the training that’s offered to help you be a better fundraiser very often has a predictable pattern? It’s the pattern I call “all the cool kids are doing it.” The French might call it the “topic de jour.”...