Joe Boland

Joe Boland

Joe Boland is a former member of the NonProfit PRO team and currently serves on the NonProfit PRO Editorial Advisory Board. He is a frequent contributor to the magazine.

Retail Ready: Enhance Your Branding, Fundraising With Nonprofit Merchandising

No matter the mission, size or location of the organization, nonprofit professionals always are looking for ways to increase their fundraising numbers and invest more dollars into making the world a better, safer place. One way to do that is through nonprofit merchandising. With the technologies at every organization’s disposal these days, there’s no shortage of ways nonprofits can incorporate merchandising into their plans...

Mastering Nonprofit Video

In 2015, content is king, and there is no more engaging form of content marketing than video marketing. Long gone are the days when a nonprofit needed huge budgets and ad dollars to shoot and air a high-quality DRTV campaign. With the snap of a smartphone, a little software and the use of the Internet, a video can be shot, edited, uploaded and shared in a matter of minutes. And we all know video is where your donors and supporters are spending their increasingly longer online time...

Going for the Gold

Announcing the winners of the 2011 Gold Awards for Fundraising Excellence.