Jacqueline Trescott

Jacqueline Trescott
$5 Million for the Love of Musicals

October 16, 2009, The Washington Post -- The role of Washington as a hotbed for musical theater advanced solidly Thursday when the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts announced it had received a $5 million gift for that express purpose.

Postal Museum Receives $8 Million Gift

September 23, 2009, The Washington Post — When William H. Gross was a child, his mother collected sheets of 3-cent stamps, hoping they would appreciate over time and cover her son's college tuition.

Studies Show Art Audience Decline

June 16, 2009, Washington Post — Two separate national surveys gauging youth and adult participation in the arts reported yesterday that visits to art museums are declining.

Kennedy Center to Help Arts Programs in Economic Trouble

The next act in Michael M. Kaiser's quest to make all arts organizations smart and healthy is about to begin.

After a string of successes rescuing arts groups from near-death, Kaiser is now enlisting Kennedy Center managers to help nonprofit arts organizations that are reeling from the recession.