Leeann Alameda

Leeann Alameda

Leeann Alameda has nearly 20 years experience in directing and implementing best practices in marketing, communications, branding and creative solutions in both the private and nonprofit sectors.

Previously as REDF’s first director of communications, Leeann directed the strategy and execution of the nonprofit’s communications and marketing plans, significantly increasing brand awareness. As Head of Marketing Creative Services at Pixar Animation Studios, Leeann developed and implemented marketing strategies and plans for 12 award-winning global film campaigns.

Leeann is the founder and principal consultant of Alameda Marketing Solutions, which provides branding and marketing strategy services for nonprofits and small businesses. Visit www.alamedamarketingsolutions.com for more information.

9 Ways to Cost-Effectively Promote Your Cause

Nonprofits might find it difficult to prioritize marketing—especially if budgets are tight and resources limited. However, there are ways to maximize your marketing dollar and not sacrifice the opportunities to promote your mission. Even a small investment can pay off. Time and time again, I’ve seen how marketing significantly impacts a nonprofit’s ability to get greater support...