June 3, 2020

The Fundraising Dilemma: How to Stop Repeating Failed Strategies

by Dennis C. Miller

Every nonprofit organization relies upon the philanthropic support of others to ensure that the necessary resources are available to carry out their mission. Yet, despite all the knowledge about fundraising, many nonprofits struggle.

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2020 Nonprofit Trends: Now is the Time to Build Resilience

Life as we know it is taking a new shape every day. With so much moving online, nonprofits’ digital strategy is becoming increasingly important in attracting and retaining donors, serving constituents, and measuring impact. Download this report to understand the trends shaping the nonprofit world and how your organization can rise above today’s challenges.


The NonProfit Voice Ep 19: The State of Donor-Advised Funds

In this episode of The NonProfit Voice, Nhu Te, editor-in-chief of NonProfit PRO, is joined by Eileen Heisman, ACFRE, president and CEO of National Philanthropic Trust, to discuss the current state of donor-advised funds.


2020 Revision: Rewriting Your Organization’s Future

by Christy McWilliams

The reverberations of the COVID-19 pandemic continue. During this crisis, the world has seen both highs and lows. Many local nonprofits and relief agencies have seen increases in giving from both small and large donors.


Engage Corporate Partners and Build Strategic Partnerships

by Simki Dutta

There’s nothing more rewarding than building strategic partnerships based on mutual trust and win-win collaboration. The same holds true for nonprofits looking to engage corporate partners and develop long-lasting relationships.

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(Timely) Maximizing the $10,000/Month Google Ad Grant?

With People Working from Home due to COVID-19, Everything is Shifting to Digital. Are You Utilizing Google’s $10,000/Month Ad Grant to Reach People Searching for Your Nonprofit in Google Search? Learn From Our Experience as a Google Ad Grant Certified Professional Agency Helping 300+ Organizations and See Why We Are Recommended By Google’s Global Head of Ad Grants. Experience What Up To $120,000/Year in Additional Ad Spend Dollars Can Do For Your Organization’s Brand Awareness.

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Benchmarks Pre-COVID19: Does Any Of This Matter Today?

Benchmarking peer-to-peer behavior provides us with wisdom about how to do things better. It allows us to understand how participants are already behaving and what kinds of event environments they are in. Once we understand that, we can use this knowledge to predict what they’ll do if the environment changes, by our efforts or by unavoidable outside influence like a global pandemic. Then we can modify the event environment to encourage engagement.

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Take Your Donor Data to the Next Level With Microsoft Power BI and CharityEngine

In this free webinar, Michelle Husko, Director of Donor Services at the Rainforest Trust, shares how the Rainforest Trust team are using Microsoft’s Power BI tool in concert with the CharityEngine fundraising platform to take their data to a new level including increasing their donor base over 50x. Plus, win a free 1-year subscription to Power BI Pro! Register now: June 11th at 11am ET.

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Raise More, Keep More With Free Fundraising!

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Catch That Grant Funder’s Attention in a Crowded Space

In an industry with over 1.5 million other organizations that are also striving for social good, the market can be saturated, and competition for grant funding can be steep. By focusing on key communication and relationship-building strategies, we’re going to share how your nonprofit can stand out in a crowd and catch that grant funder’s attention.