March 6, 2021

How Your Nonprofit Could Be as Big as Netflix

by Wayne Elsey

If you don’t know Netflix’s story, then I suggest you get the book, “No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention.” When I was a nonprofit leader, I took my organization from the kitchen table to one with more than $70 million in revenue. And I did it within five years. 


Best Donor Language: Transparency

by Jim Eskin

Politicians, corporate giants, celebrities, marketing gurus, not to mention nonprofit staff and volunteers, could have salvaged careers by heeding this powerful truth. This is especially true in the fundraising arena.


What Is Your Monthly Giving Soft Cancel Process?

by Erica Waasdorp

When I was reviewing my monthly gifts for the year, I realized that I hadn’t given monthly to several organizations since May. I call this a soft cancel. I didn’t mean to stop giving monthly, and I didn’t take action to stop.


3 Things You Should Do After Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign or Event

by Mark Becker

You did it! Your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign or event is over and you’ve analyzed your results. There’s nothing left to do but pat yourself on the back and go home! Right?


The Importance of Performance Reviews

by F. Duke Haddad

Your organizational goal is to make progress. Your management objective is to have the best team possible to enhance performance and success. If you do not have an employee performance review program or need to improve your current performance review program, now is the time.


TIF Featured Resources

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2021 Nonprofit Leadership Impact Study

NonProfit PRO’s highly anticipated “2021 Nonprofit Leadership Impact Study” is here! For the fourth annual report, we analyzed the latest trends, challenges and opportunities nonprofit leaders face on a day-to-day basis, with a little twist.


40 Nonprofit Trends for 2021

NonProfit PRO continues the tradition of sharing its 40 nonprofit trend predictions for the upcoming year, which every organization should keep top of mind. Last year, our predictions were technology-focused, and while innovation will continue to be at the forefront of nonprofits’ strategic plans, so will engagement and connectivity.