September 26, 2023

How Nonprofits Can Capitalize on Strategic Partnerships for Long-Term Sustainability

by Felida Villarreal

Nonprofits are continuously challenged with limited resources and highly competitive funding opportunities for program sustainability and growth. However, they often overlook the great value of community support and strategic partnerships, in alignment with a nonprofit’s mission, to leverage additional funding.

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How to Tell Your Nonprofit’s Financial Story

Financial storytelling isn’t number-crunching—it’s a smart way to clearly communicate your financial position to your stakeholders, even if they’re not accountants. Download this whitepaper to understand how to tell your financial story in a way that boosts your sustainability and growth.


The NonProfit Voice Ep 83: Harnessing and Measuring the Power of Influencers

Maxine Tatlonghari of the American Lung Association and Nick Lynch of join The NonProfit Voice to discuss the benefits of measuring influencers’ impact on virtual events. Launches Platform for Donor Advised Fund Reviews and Scoring announced DAFScore. Designed to serve as a guide for philanthropic investors, DAFScore’s proprietary algorithm gives donors unbiased DAF rankings and reviews to empower them to make informed decisions about their charitable investments.


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Ditch the Donor Pyramid for the Loyalty Loop

by Amanda L. Cole

The donor pyramid and donor funnel have long been the ultimate fundraising strategy. Though the nonprofit sector may desire a better method, these relied upon tactics are still used today. Here’s a look at what another method, the loyalty loop, entails.


6 Tactics to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Online Fundraising Results

by Amanda L. Cole

Donors are giving less overall, so what can you do to optimize your nonprofit’s online giving strategies? Experts shared their thoughts on donor fees, year-end giving, social media, donation buttons and more.


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Quest for Quality: Your Guide to Overcoming Data Obstacles for Business Success

The first obstacle in any quest for clean data is knowing what’s in it. Download this ebook to learn how data profiling can help you find, fix & monitor the bad data in your system to boost donor engagement, optimize fundraising efforts, and improve decision-making. Plus, learn how to overcome other common data obstacles to achieve a complete 360-degree customer view.

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Register now for the 2023 Fundraising.AI Global Summit

Join us for the largest gathering of nonprofit and for-profit professionals and organizations to explore the role of Responsible AI in fundraising.

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Download the #GivingTuesday Ultimate Guide

Giving Tuesday is right around the corner—are you prepared? Get ahead of the competition and create your most successful campaign ever with the #GivingTuesday Ultimate Guide eBook! Download the eBook to receive helpful tips and tricks for planning and sending communications, social and email messaging templates, a sample project calendar, examples of successful campaigns from other nonprofits, and more.