November 17, 2023

3 Ways Automation Can Boost Your Nonprofit’s Digital Fundraising

by Kalie VanDewater

AI will prove to be a helpful resource in the nonprofit sector. Here are three tips to leverage automation for digital fundraising.


The NonProfit Voice Ep 85: The Broad Utility of Text Messaging

Rick Ericson and Mike Snusz join The NonProfit Voice to discuss how to use text messaging across the donor pipeline.


Blink Offers Free Platform Access for Nonprofit Organizations With 'Blink for Everyone' Program

Blink launched “Blink for Everyone,” a program offering nonprofits access to its employee engagement platform free of charge.


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Next-Level Leadership for the Nonprofit Sector

Join us for this webinar as we delve deep into equipping nonprofit professionals and fundraisers with the strategies and tools they need for transformative leadership. This session is designed to elevate your leadership capabilities to stay ahead of the curve and lead your nonprofit to new heights.


Deliver Efficient Crisis Response and Lifesaving Impact with Cutting-Edge Technology

Join us as we dive into Operation Recovery’s remarkable work in helping Afghans relocate after the departure of the U.S. military. Discover how its technology-backed approach has transformed the way the nonprofit saves lives and makes a significant impact in times of crisis.


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Philanthropy Facilitators Make It Easy for People to Give

by Claire Axelrad

When you don’t make it easy for donors to choose to support your charity, they’ll choose not to. Here’s how to encourage their support.


How to Prepare for a Donor Meeting

by Jeff Schreifels

Preparing for a donor meeting can be an intimidating experience. Here are five tips to keep you on track and give you confidence.


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Boost Your Nonprofit's Digital Health!

Ready to diagnose your nonprofit’s digital health? Join The Human Stack’s ‘What the TECH!’ webinar on June 12 to uncover the secrets of improving your tech game. Identify crucial gaps with our 6 digital health vitals by taking our renowned Digital Health Quiz. Get expert guidance on tackling the right problems. Plus, there are some bonus offers. Register today for a free tech boost!


Return Dollars to Your Mission by Simplifying Your Nonprofit’s Print Environment

In this webinar, we will explore how nonprofits can streamline their printing processes, allowing them to focus on their mission. Join us as we hear from Marc Nations, senior cybersecurity administrator of information technology at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on how their organization was transformed by migrating to cloud printing.


Maximizing Impact: How to Leverage Generative AI in the Nonprofit Sector

Join us as we explore ways generative AI can be used in the nonprofit sector, including automating processes, improving efficiency, and generating new content and ideas. We’ll discuss best practices for the responsible and ethical use of AI as well as specific examples of generative AI in action within nonprofits.