October 31, 2023

Announcing the 2023 NonProfit Professionals of the Year Awards

Each year, we ask you to nominate your top picks for our NonProfit Professionals of the Year Awards — and you never disappoint. This year’s winners have addressed food insecurity, pushed for better healthcare for children, expanded civic participation and so much more. Here are the winners.


3 Tips to Make Sure Your Nonprofit’s Tech Is Up to the Task — Even In a Crisis

Of course, every nonprofit wants to be able to answer the call to fulfill its mission no matter the circumstances. This is especially true in dire situations. Here are three tips to make sure your nonprofit’s technology is up for the task.


Apply Now to Present at Second Annual BridgeTECH During Bridge Conference 2024

by Kalie VanDewater

NonProfit PRO is excited to announce that it will be returning to the Bridge to Integrated Fundraising & Marketing Conference in 2024 to co-present the second annual BridgeTECH. The call for papers for BridgeTECH is now open, and the deadline for submissions is Nov. 10.

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There is no AI without the Cloud

Adam Selipsky, CEO of Amazon Web Services recently said, “there is no AI without the AWS cloud”. If you’re new to the cloud, you may wonder what he meant? Simply put, the cloud allows organizations to transfer, store and analyze data using AI models – making it essential. Yet estimates suggest that 96% of nonprofits specifically are at the beginning of their cloud journey. Are you interested in learning more about where you organization is in its cloud journey? Download Powering Purpose a guide for cloud adoption in the nonprofit sector today.

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What Marketing and Fundraising Leaders Need to Know About the Cloud

What do marketing and fundraising leaders need to know about the cloud? Simply put, a lot! The cloud powers many of today’s most vital fundraising and marketing tools and strategies, yet 96% of nonprofit leaders self-identify as being at the beginning of their cloud journey. Ready to find out where your organization falls? Take this 5min online assessment to assess your organization’s cloud maturity and find out if you’re embracing and embarking, launching and learning or innovating and accelerating to drive your mission forward!

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Separating the Helpful from the Hype!

From startups to enterprises, organizations of all sizes are getting started with generative AI. So how can a nonprofit leader separate the hype from the helpful, to ensure responsible adoption of AI to their advance mission? One place to start is a simple online assessment of your organization’s cloud maturity. Invest 5min today, to guide the steps you should take tomorrow.