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Tips for Making the Most of Your Fundraising E-mails
March 26, 2010

Forget what you might be hearing about social networks spelling the demise of e-mail. For right now at least, e-mail is alive and well -- and an effective (and cost-effective) way to reach out to donors, potential donors and other supporters.

Among the things the whitepaper addresses:

  • Making sure your subject lines get your e-mails open and don't land you in the spam folder
  • Writing in e-mailese to keep your readers' attention
  • Measuring results

Making Social Networks Work for Your Organization
March 26, 2010

FundRaising Success magazine's "Making Social Networks Work for Your Organization" whitepaper explores the world of social media and tells you:

  • A simple, six-step plan for entering into the social-media universe
  • Specific dos and don57;ts for successful online engagement
  • How to get buy-in from the top of your online-engagement ideas