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Never Say Goodbye: Strategies for Stemming Donor Attrition and Winning Back Lapsed Donors
February 11, 2010

Fundraising professionals across the board agree that organizations have to 1) build their donor files with an eye toward stemming attrition; and 2) have a specific plan of action for winning back those donors who do fall off.

This special report from FundRaising Success offers specific tips for doing just that:

  • Acquiring invested, responsive donors who are less likely to lapse
  • Keeping your active donors engaged, active and interested
  • Winning back donors who lapse and then making the most of those renewed relationships

Stick to the Plan: A Guide to the Do's, Don'ts, Ins and Outs of Planned Giving
February 11, 2010

This whitepaper introduces you to:

  • Seven essential steps to launching a successful planned-giving program
  • 10 things you must know about planned giving
  • The seven deadly sins of planned-giving strategies
  • How to make planned-giving donors feel special
  • The privacy pitfalls inherent in planned giving and how to avoid them

Essential Steps for a Successful Capital Campaign
February 11, 2010

This FundRaising Success whitepaper will:

  • guide you through the crucial feasibility study process
  • help you decide who your best prospects are
  • introduce you to 10 important factors to consider before embarking on a capital campaign