Inquiry Management Systems, Minerva Fundraising Division

Minerva Fundraising Solutions – a Division of IMS (Inquiry Management Systems) is a full service database management company. IMS has been providing quality database solutions since 1979 and the Minerva division of IMS has been providing database solutions to the charitable sector since 2001. A Minerva PCI compliant, cloud-based, database is an enterprise-level relational cloud based database system that is secure, covers all aspects of your fundraising operations and is accessible from anywhere, anytime. Minerva database solutions are customized for all types of fundraising activities and fundraising organizations. We also offer full donation processing and caging services, as part of our database system – or stand alone – for organizations large, medium or small.

1 - 55 Horner Ave.
Toronto, M8Z 4X6, Canada
Phone: 416.620.1965 x178
Toll Free: 800.263.0669 x178


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