In this special monthly series of The NonProfit Voice, Mark Becker, founding partner of Cathexis Partners and editorial advisory board member of NonProfit PRO, will have conversations with prominent nonprofit organizations and industry thought leaders to learn more about innovative digital tools and how to navigate the rapidly evolving technology landscape.

Nonprofits put a lot of time, energy and money into acquiring peer-to-peer event participants, so it's vital to retain them year-over-year. Mark is joined by Abby Jarvis, nonprofit education manager at Qgiv, in this episode of The NonProfit Voice Tech Series. They will examine the best tactics for peer-to-peer participant retention, which starts at each participant's initial event signup, to help grow your event as well as fundraising dollars raised.

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Abby Jarvis is the nonprofit education manager at Qgiv, a company that's dedicated to building powerful fundraising tools that empower nonprofits to thrive and grow. In her eight years at Qgiv, Abby has become passionate about understanding industry best practices, learning how they can help nonprofits be more effective and sharing that information with other fundraisers.


Mark Becker founded Cathexis Partners in 2008 to help nonprofit organizations get the most from their existing technology tools, implement new technology to address gaps and find the best overall approach to using technology to support their missions. He previously served as director of IT consulting at a fundraising event production company focused on nonprofits. Mark also serves on the editorial advisory board for NonProfit PRO, where he contributes monthly to his blog, “P2P Fundraising Essentials.”

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