KENNEBUNK, Maine, October 14, 2009 —  Almost a billion people across the
planet do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. Yet, in some
countries, a mere $5 can give one person clean water for five years. Today,
Tom's of Maine extends its ongoing commitment to doing good and supporting good in communities through a partnership with charity: water, the U.S.-based non-profit organization dedicated to bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Through December 31, 2009, Tom's of Maine will match each $5 donation* made by texting WELL to 20222, up to $10,000, to fund important water projects in areas most in need. One hundred percent of the public's donations will go directly to freshwater projects. Tom's of Maine is also supporting charity: water's 100% model by providing additional funds to underwrite the costs of this campaign.

“Creating a successful viral marketing campaign has been likened to hitting home runs — you never know which at-bat is going to produce one, so the key is to make a lot of trips to the plate. Put another way, there is no magic formula for producing a viral campaign, you just have to try different concepts. There are, however, certain characteristics that will either increase the odds of viral success, or doom it to failure.” — Nov. 17, “Viral Marketing Campaigns — Keep It Simple,” posted by Tom Pick, The WebMarketCentral Blog

For 50 years, the Passim Folk Music and Cultural Center in Harvard Square has been a mainstay of New England’s arts community, fostering performers and audiences alike. Passim is a Cambridge, Mass.-based nonprofit devoted to the preservation and cultivation of folk music — and the spreading of the folk gospel to people and communities everywhere. Passim executes its mission through unique programming — Club Passim, the Passim School of Music, Archive Project and Culture for Kids. We spoke with Jim Ricciuti, director of development at Passim, about his organization’s fundraising highs and lows, and how he envisions its fundraising future. FundRaising Success: Can

The It Happened to Alexa Foundation, a small, Lewiston, N.Y.-based nonprofit, is the only organization in the U.S. that provides financial assistance to the loved ones of rape victims, allowing them to be with the victim throughout the course of her trial, according to Executive Director Ellen Augellos. “The foundation believes those who face the grueling task of prosecuting their assailants need a support system, and that expenses should not stand in the way of that support,” says Augellos. It Happened to Alexa Foundation’s provenance is a brutal one. In the fall of 1999, Tom and Stacey Branchini drove their daughter, Alexa,

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