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“Perhaps one of the upcoming nonprofit conferences might want to give bluestatedigital a call … bet that session would be standing room only!” — Dec. 12, “Stats I Would Really Like to See!,” posted by Sue Woodward on her Sue’s Muse blog, where she talks about the Obama campaign.

“Hand ups everyone that knows that the majority of the population retains and responds more to visual images than to auditory clues or the written word? If that is the case … why do I get so many hard copy appeals with no pictures of the people that the organization serves, or images that don’t relate to the accompanying copy?” — Oct. 22, “People Tell Your Story,” posted by Sue Woodward on her Sue’s Muse blog.

In her post “I Missed What?” on her blog Sue’s Muse, fundraising consultant Sue Woodward says she’s not sure if she’s 100 percent sold on the benefits of e-mail appends, but that our August feature on the topic “lays out a good argument.” “[Catherine Algeri’s] points about the difference between a good e-mail append and a bad one definitely should give us all food for thought,” Sue writes. Check out “E-mail Appends: The Good, the Bad and the Realistic” for yourself and let us know what you think by sending a note to Also, in Fundraiser Forum, three experts weigh in on the

“If you don’t subscribe to Media Post or Uncle Roger’s Agitator blog, then perhaps you haven’t read the latest from Silverpop’s Loren McDonald. Read on and find out what Loren says are the biggest email design & marketing mistakes to avoid! 1. Making it difficult to unsubscribe. 2. No ‘welcome’ message and/or waiting weeks to send the first message. 3. Over mailing. 4. Using a large single image as the core of your email. 5. Not using alt tags. 6. Relying on graphical links. 7. Not having a preference center. 8. Not designing for the preview pane. 9. Using a person’s name in

It’s called Sue’s Muse, and it’s written by fundraising consultant Sue Woodward, senior vice president at Virilion. Sue’s goal is to share daily insights on fundraising, of course, with an emphasis on online. Check it out at We love the name, by the way!

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