Stephen Hitchcock

The book “Open Immediately! Straight Talk on Direct Mail Fundraising: What Works, What Doesn’t, and Why,” by Stephen Hitchcock, president of Mal Warwick Associates, features 81 chapters that look at nearly every facet of direct-mail fundraising, from acquiring and renewing donors to writing effective letters to the art of the ask. The second chapter of the book — titled “Hairsplitting Traps to Avoid” — discusses the balance nonprofit mailers have to strike between nitpicking for quality and sticking with their mailing schedule. “If you’re spending all your time trying to make each mailing perfect, you won’t be able to get out all your

Two Common Direct-mail Production Issues April 18, 2006 By Abny Santicola, editor, FundRaising Success Advisor There are two perennial direct-mail production issues, according to Stephen Hitchcock, vice president for client services at Berkeley, Calif.-based full-service fundraising firm Mal Warwick Associates. They are: 1) The timeliness of mailings, i.e., trying to get them out as quickly as possible; and 2) Finding what Hitchcock calls that "sweet spot" of cost effectiveness. In terms of the timeliness of mailings, Hitchcock says there's always a desire on the part of the direct-mail production staff and the printers to have a certain amount of lead time. Balancing this with

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