Philip Kotler

You’ve almost certainly had the meeting. You know, the one about how to survive the crunch, the crisis, the catastrophe — or whatever you want to call it. The meeting where you probably were uncertain about what to do and even about what the impact might be on your organization. Maybe the only thing everyone agreed on was that it’s a difficult situation in fundraising at the moment with few clear answers on how to survive.

Excerpted from a whitepaper produced by The Mangement Centre. Almost every organisation — charity, public body or private corporation — sees innovation as a key competency for the 21st century. Marketing guru Philip Kotler says, “the only sustainable competitive advantages are creativity and innovation.” His argument goes that since it’s almost impossible to develop a service or product that will not be copied, the only way to stay ahead — or even perhaps to survive — is to keep reinventing the way you work. In his book “Business @ the Speed of Thought,” Bill Gates summarises the same idea in a very practical but

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