Peter Schoewe

It’s important for organizations to send donors letters that express their gratitude for a gift -- the more personal and grateful, the better. In the February issue of the e-newsletter by nonprofit direct-marketing firm Mal Warwick Associates, Peter Schoewe, senior consultant for the firm, wrote a great piece on thank-you letters that stresses this point. Some of his key tips: 1. Thank-you letters don’t need to be well-written. Schoewe says that, actually, somewhat awkward thank-yous are a good thing. 2. Use words that bring the donor closer to your organization. A phrase like “We are grateful” should be replaced by “I am grateful.” Similarly,

Transform an afternoon event into a successful multichannel campaign?

That sounds like a tall order. But as it heads into the third year of its Shamrocks for Kids campaign, Chicago-based Mercy Home for Boys and Girls seems to have pulled it off.

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