Norman Olshansky

Nine Tips for Major-Gift Solicitors Nov. 22, 2005 By Norman Olshansky The following are nine key steps to securing major-gift donations: 1. Do your homework Make sure you are familiar with the services and programs that your organization offers. Review its points of pride (major accomplishments) and, if possible, be prepared to share a personal experience that impressed you about the special work that the organization provides. Gather important information about your prospects. Develop a profile of your prospects together with other leadership and staff. Questions to answer: What are their interests? What have they contributed to previously? What is the largest gift

When considering a major-gifts ask, the concept of donor relationship management boils down to a highly personal study of potential donors' interests, behaviors, circumstance and capacity for giving. According to consultant Norman Olshansky, this information-gathering exercise is perhaps the most important step in preparing to make the ask.

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