Martin L. Novom

Part of the The AFP Fund Development Series, “The Fundraising Feasibility Study: It’s Not About the Money” provides an insider look at what many nonprofit development staff often feel is an important but elusive part of campaign planning: the feasibility study. Edited by Martin L. Novom, it contains insights from some of the most well-known names in philanthropy, who define the concept of a feasibility study, outline the multifaceted reasons behind doing one and detail the intricacies of the entire process. Among the contributors are Betty Ann Copley Harris, Linda Lysakowski, Tony Myers and Simone Joyaux. Chapters include “Stepping Up to the Challenge

Feasibility, or pre-campaign planning, studies help prepare an organization for a successful capital campaign. But are they always necessary? The book “The Fundraising Feasibility Study: It’s Not About the Money,” edited by Martin L. Novom, offers insights into the feasibility-study process from a host of professional fundraisers. For example, Elliott S. Oshry, executive vice president of fundraising firm Ketchum, talks about the benefits and elements of a pre-campaign planning study, including things like objectives and deliverables, process, and timing. Oshry says there are no downsides to doing a pre-campaign study. Though it requires time and some expense, it usually pays clear dividends. He

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