Kim Klein

The book “Fundraising for Social Change, Fifth Edition” by Kim Klein — author, lecturer, and the founder and former publisher of the “Grassroots Fundraising Journal” — is a hands-on, practical strategies guide that touches on fundraising topics ranging from basics such as asking for money and using the Internet, to carrying out major-gifts campaigns, and the relationship between the development director and executive director. The book also discusses using direct mail effectively and suggests using premiums strategically, as donor benefits. Klein recommends that direct-mail premiums be used: 1. As thank-you gifts for prompt donations. 2. To encourage donors to upgrade their gifts.

Major Donors: Handle With Care Nov. 22, 2005 By Abny Santicola, FundRaising Success Maintaining relationships with existing major donors is important, in part, because they are your No. 1 resource for finding other major donors, says Kim Klein, author, consultant and publisher of the "Grassroots Fundraising Journal." The level of communication and interaction you have with donors is similar to the varied relationships you have with friends. The people you hear from once a year or at holidays or birthdays comprise one layer of friends, while those you talk to every day are a different layer, Klein adds. Nonprofits should take what they know

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