Jono Smith

Used strategically, the Web offers myriad opportunities to raise funds from wealthy donors.

In the session "Taking Leadership Online: What's Hype and What Works in Online Fundraising" at Fund Raising Day in New York 2009 presented by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Greater New York Chapter in early June, presenters Nancy Haitch, deputy vice president of development for International Rescue Committee; Alia McKee Scott, principal at Sea Change Strategies; and Jono Smith, vice president of nonprofit marketing at Network for Good, discussed management strategies that trail-blazing organizations have followed in using the Internet to begin, sustain and enrich relationships with top donors, prospects and volunteers.

A while back, FundRaising Success held a webinar on the ins and outs of multichannel campaigns. Here, some last thoughts from one of our speakers, Jono Smith, director of nonprofit marketing, Network for Good: Q: How much variation in messaging should there be between channels? Or should it be 100 percent consistent? A: The core message should be consistent, regardless of what channel you choose to communicate with your audience. A fundraising appeal is a fundraising appeal is a fundraising appeal. There should always be a call-to-action, and all roads should lead to appealing to the audience’s values. And, across all channels, there should

No matter how you feel about any particular fundraising strategy — love direct mail … hate telefundraising … hot for Web-based stuff — there’s no denying that true fundraising success comes from the seamless integration of strategies and techniques. In FundRaising Success’ July webinar, Jono Smith, director of marketing for Network for Good, talks with a pair of nonprofits about their successful multichannel campaigns and offers tips on how you can re-create their success. Join Jono and other fundraising professionals at 2 p.m. on July 30 as they examine the value of the multipronged approach to fundraising, tips on consistent messaging and creative, and

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