John Q. Public

There I was, my usual nose-to-the-grindstone self, hunkered down in my office, doggedly reading through editorial copy for the November issue of FS … when what should pop into my inbox but the latest edition of The Agitator, Roger Craver and Tom Belford’s educational, engaging and often rabble-rousing blog about all things fundraising. The latest entry was titled “Someone we know has been nominated for President.” I didn’t actually read the whole post, blinded as I was by the fleeting yet overwhelming hope that America finally had come up with a viable third-party candidate. And even better, it was someone I knew! As my

They say there’s strength in numbers, and that seems to be the case for organizations that become the special projects of the Catalog for Giving. The New York-based nonprofit raises funds for small organizations — with limited budgets — that provide education and support to New York City youths affected by poverty, drugs, crime and abuse. Here, Executive Director Susan Wyant talks about her organization’s mission and how it’s funded.

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