Jocelyn Harmon

From To the Point by Jocelyn Harmon
"You wouldn’t start to build a house by picking up a hammer; why start your marketing plan by creating a Facebook page? Stop thinking tactics. Develop a strategy before choosing which fundraising tools to use. Strategic planning sounds intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. All it means is putting goals and objectives ahead of techniques or tools."

From Easier Said Than Done by Jeff Brooks
"Your brand guidelines are meant to sharpen and define your message and make it consistent. But there’s a fatal flaw: The guidelines are all about you, not about your donors. They’re all about self-focused communication, and that will hurt your fundraising."

From Editor's Note by Margaret Battistelli
"It’s a new year … the perfect time to shake off bad habits, let in some light, and embrace ideas and practices that will move you toward your goals."


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