Edward C. Schumacher

A capital campaign is a huge endeavor to address a huge need within an organization, whether it be for a new building or new equipment. Capital-campaign goals frequently are in the millions, making most gifts seem like mere baby steps toward the destination. But as every good fundraiser knows, every gift is fundamental and necessary in order to reach that goal. Thanking capital-campaign donors for their gifts is not only vital, but it often is the first step in building long-term relationships with new donors and preparing them for the next campaign. In the book “Capital Campaigns: Constructing a Successful Fundraising Drive,”

“How does the board decide if a capital campaign is needed?” This is one of the 20 questions asked, and answered, in the book “Capital Campaigns: Constructing a Successful Fundraising Drive,” by Edward C. Schumacher, president of Seattle-based fundraising firm Third Sector Consulting. The book offers board members and nonprofit executives guidelines and tips to help them to conduct successful capital campaigns. It’s the board’s job to determine whether a capital campaign is worthwhile. To arrive at this determination, Schumacher advises board members ask themselves if a capital campaign: * Will have a positive impact on the organization. * Is necessary. * Is

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