Charles Moore

NEW YORK, November 11, 2009 — Today, the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy released the 2009 edition of Giving in Numbers, an annual report on corporate giving trends available for free download. Giving in Numbers offers a comprehensive analysis of 2008 corporate contributions drawn from 137 prominent companies, including 55 of the Fortune 100.

Today leading companies and organizations around the world celebrate International Corporate Philanthropy Day, a day designated to showcase strategic corporate philanthropy initiatives and encourage further cross-sector partnerships in support of social and environmental causes. Building upon the tremendous success of a national celebration of corporate giving in prior years, the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) is proud to launch a global effort in 2009 to engage more business leaders in the day’s activities.

For many nonprofit development officers, the notion that a corporation can have goals symbiotically related to their own organizations’ runs counter to intuition. Indeed, wouldn’t it seem downright obvious that the desires and goals, and even the basic moral orientations, of nonprofit and for-profit companies are in stark opposition? Not so at all, argues Charles Moore, executive director of The Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy, an organization missioned to educate the business community about ways to be better philanthropists — the two can, should be and, in many cases, already are intimately intertwined. In a recent e-mail interview with FundRaising Success, Moore offered nonprofits advice

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