Carsten Walter

The numbers are self evident. More Americans these days are supporting nonprofit causes both financially and with their time than ever before. We are a multi-billion dollar industry that forms a vital component of our nation’s strength. And survey after survey shows that we are the most generous nation on Earth.

A Wealth of Opportunity March 28, 2006 By Abny Santicola, editor, FundRaising Success Advisor Ah, wealthy donors. There isn't an organization in existence that wouldn't want a house file full of them. But did you ever consider that maybe yours already is? Carsten Walter, director of membership programs at Washington, D.C.-based conservative research and educational think tank The Heritage Foundation, says his organization has cultivated most of its high-dollar donors up through its regular direct-marketing program. "This is the largest source of future major donors," Walter says. "Sixty percent of our $10,000+ donors started out as regular direct-mail donors." The organization,

For the Heritage Foundation, a conservative public policy “think tank” based in Washington, D.C., a typical budget is to mail 4 million to 5 million pieces. “We have a rough budget, but how much we mail depends on the year. For this year, plans are to mail 6 million pieces, looking to build on the opportunities created by the economy and the election year,” says Carsten Walter, director of membership programs for the organization. In mailing, Heritage follows a multi-level approach, the key determinant of which is the initial gift size, Walter says. “The higher initial gift size is obviously more desirable,” he explains.

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