Ann Landers

Jo Sullivan is a voice for those whose barks go unheard. As senior vice president of development and communications for the ASPCA, she has been a driving force in its efforts to raise dollars to protect the nation’s kitties, canines, hamsters, horses and herds of other animals. Read on to learn more about Jo, a three-year member of FundRaising Success’ Editorial Advisory Board. Grew up in: Collinsville, Va. Education: “I went to Fieldale Collinsville High School.” How long have you been with the ASPCA?: “Nine years this Oct. 8.” First and previous fundraising jobs: “This was my first. I was in advertising/marketing

May 9, 2006 By Abny Santicola, editor, FS Advisor A major fundraising event held in memory of a famous author and newspaper advice columnist provided the genesis of an online fundraising program at the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, an organization devoted to funding myeloma-specific research. In order to support online donations for its September 2002 Ann Landers Race for Research in Chicago (held in memory of Landers, who died from the disease), the organization added a "Donate Now" button to its Web site. A promotional campaign through direct mail and e-mails to those people whose e-mail addresses were in MMRF's database helped drum

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