May 30, 2020

Debunking Myths Around What You Think You Know About Direct Mail

by Alicia M. Lifrak, CFRE

Effective direct response marketing includes a multichannel and targeted approach to reaching your audience via direct mail, email, social, mobile, web-based advertising and even traditional media buys. So let’s look at some of the big myths around direct mail.


10 Ways to Strengthen Donor Calls-to-Action and Raise More Money

by Robin Cabral

The No. 1 reason donors do not give, aside from not being asked, is that they are not provided with a problem to solve — or at least a problem that they think they need to solve.


A Monthly Giving How-To: Test Your Forms

by Erica Waasdorp

A small change can make a huge difference when it comes to donations and monthly gifts. Of course, every organization is different, so what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another. That’s why you should always test new things. 


6 Degrees of Separation: Using Relationship Science in Fundraising

by Laurence Pagnoni and Sheldon Bart

You’ve heard it said that it’s who you know that counts. Many successful people, talent aside, advance in the world through the right connections. In fundraising, relationship science can make all the difference.


A Story of the Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Model of 2021

by Otis Fulton and Katrina VanHuss

Megan Rouse moved into a gated community in North Carolina late last year. This community is really serious about the whole “no solicitation” thing. COVID-19 hit, and the first thing Megan did, due to her background as a professional fundraising consultant? She started soliciting. 


Younger Generations Are Transforming Philanthropy

Generation Z Looks to Create a More Socially Responsible World


Nailing Your Next Grant Proposal

4 ways to get the grantmaker to say ‘Yes!’ to your nonprofit’s next grant application