September 30, 2023

Ditch the Donor Pyramid for the Loyalty Loop

by Amanda L. Cole

The donor pyramid and donor funnel have long been the ultimate fundraising strategy. Though the nonprofit sector may desire a better method, these relied upon tactics are still used today. Here’s a look at what another method, the loyalty loop, entails.


Nonprofit Job Vacancies Persist for Third Straight Year

by Kalie VanDewater

The nonprofit sector has not been immune to the challenges presented by the job market over the past three years. In light of this, the National Council of Nonprofits has released striking findings from its second Nonprofit Workforce Survey in a new report.


6 Tactics to Improve Your Nonprofit’s Online Fundraising Results

by Amanda L. Cole

Donors are giving less overall, so what can you do to optimize your nonprofit’s online giving strategies? Experts shared their thoughts on donor fees, year-end giving, social media, donation buttons and more.


How Nonprofits Can Capitalize on Strategic Partnerships for Long-Term Sustainability

by Felida Villarreal

Nonprofits are continuously challenged with limited resources and highly competitive funding opportunities for program sustainability and growth. However, they often overlook the great value of community support and strategic partnerships, in alignment with a nonprofit’s mission, to leverage additional funding.


Why Volunteer Engagement Is Essential to Fulfilling Your Fundraising Potential

by Jeff Jowdy

Two trends in the nonprofit world suggest we are facing a crisis: the declining number of donors and declining number of volunteers. Here are some reasons volunteers are so important for nonprofits’ fundraising goals, and some guidance on what you should consider to get them engaged.