January 13, 2018

A Comprehensive Guide to Your Year-End Drive, Part 2

by Laurence Pagnoni

How much is the year-end goal that are you raising? Also, what percentage of those funds are part of your whole budget? State these facts as a way to inform the donor about how their gift fits into the whole.


7 Innovative Ideas to Build Buzz for Your Nonprofit

by Derek Miller

A nonprofit has the same needs as any other business. If you want to attract donors and patrons, then you need to constantly build buzz and awareness about what you do. The interest you build moves people into the top of your sales funnel, so they can become donors by the time they reach the bottom.


The Power of Competitor Analysis for Nonprofits (and How to Get Started)

by Leeann Alameda

Nonprofits can take advantage of performing a competitor analysis when developing their messaging or outreach strategies to position themselves for success. After all, it’s a very noisy world, and there are many good causes out there.


Why Our Brains Respond to Print… and Direct Mail

by Christopher Foster

Your donors and audience respond to different messages and different styles of marketing — not everyone will open your direct mail and not everyone will read your posts on Facebook.


The NonProfit Voice Ep 4: Addressing Grants Management

Welcome back to The NonProfit Voice Podcast! In this episode, Nhu Te, editor-in-chief of NonProfit PRO, sits down with David Orrick, founder and executive director of DIBS for Kids, and Madeline Duva, CEO of Fluxx, to look into grants management and how technology can play a key role. 

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Optimize Your Grants Management Process for Greater Impact

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