White Plains, N.Y.

Americans' renewed sense of hope and desire for change appear to have extended all the way to online solitaire. Thousands of casual gamers logged on to IWON.com last month to play games on behalf of their favorite charity or community organization. At stake, more than $25,000 in January cash prizes as part of an IWON Team Challenge that by month's end will have awarded over $160,000 in charitable donations in total.

Looking to improve retention and increase revenue per donor? Is your support base split between small donors and major donors, with a big gap in between? Maybe it’s time to give a serious look at developing a mid-level program. A few steps above basic membership and a few steps below major giving, a mid-level program should be seen as a bridge between the two, as well as a terrific source of member retention, revenue growth and upgrade potential. A mid-level program can mean different things to different organizations. For some, mid-level donors are those giving $1,000 or more. For others, it’s $250

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