Rochester, N.Y.

The Harris Poll® examined the behaviors and attitudes of people who give money or time to charitable organizations or advocate for them, and how their behavior has changed as a result of the economy. Almost half (45%) of these people report that their giving and their volunteering have not changed, but many people are giving to fewer organizations (24%) or giving smaller amounts (31%). In addition, six percent are not making any donations and seven percent are volunteering less. The only positive finding is that nine percent report volunteering more of their time because of the economic downturn.

Getting Telefundraising in Gear Jan. 17, 2006 By Abny Santicola, associate editor, FundRaising Success of the principles and best practices that make direct-mail campaigns and personal solicitations successful also apply to telefundraising, says Kathleen E. Pavelka, founder and president of Telecomp, a Rochester, N.Y.-based provider of telephone outreach programs for nonprofit institutions and organizations. For one, Pavelka says, there's a lot of mulling over what goes on when it comes to what copy should appear in a direct-mail letter. "In fact, in many institutions, there's multiple layers of approval for what actually is going to go out in that letter. A telephone call

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