Des Moines, Iowa

Sarah Durham is president of Big Duck, a New York City-based branding, marketing and fundraising firm for nonprofits. She serves on the boards of the National Brain Tumor Society and the New York Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).

Greater Than Goods, Des Moines, Iowa, has signed its first nationwide partner, Washington-based Defenders of Wildlife. For every eco-friendly Alternative Apparel shirt sold, $5 will be donated to help protect endangered species and preserve natural habitats. Greater Than Goods seeks nonprofit partners that align with its target audiences and market positioning. Besides using original cause-related apparel to fashion a fresh revenue stream for nonprofits, the web store connects people with their passions by providing a medium for organizations and visitors to share stories and build a community of giving.

Nonprofits interested in beefing up their planned-giving base should reach out to potential donors in their 40s, according to a recently released study dubbed “Discovering the Secret Giver.” Conducted for The Stelter Company, a Des Moines, Iowa-based fundraising consultancy, the study examined how and why people age 40 and up make bequests to nonprofit groups. These “secret givers” aren’t generally on fundraisers’ radars, the report found. Bev Hutney, creative director at Stelter, says the study shows that nonprofits should be reaching out to people in their 40s, which is at least 10 years earlier than the timing that is widely accepted as ideal in

Unlike print, online communications can instantly communicate to the world at a relatively low cost. In the past 10 years, organizations with fairly specific audiences (for example, those serving a particular neighborhood, faith or point of view) have been able to welcome the world to their (virtual) doorsteps.

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