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Omnichannel vs. Multichannel
September 30, 2014

Before taking on omnichannel marketing, fundraisers should master multichannel fundraising and effectively measuring it.

Election Ads Boom in 2012, but the Online Shift Still Isn’t Happening
November 6, 2012

The Obama and Romney campaigns spent a combined $1 billion on advertising. Widen the scope to include congressional campaigns and other election-season spending and the total outlay ends up closer to $6 billion, by some estimates. More than a million television ads have been aired this election cycle.

As notable as the boom in TV ads is the lack of a corresponding boom online, where onlookers have been predicting big shifts in campaign spending since at least the 2004 cycle. But in 2012, like 2008, television remained king. The great digital migration just isn’t happening.

Nonprofits refine pitch for donor dollars
August 30, 2010

Gail Wilson-Giarratano prepares for a grilling when she asks for money for Girls Inc. of the Capital Region, a youth program for inner-city girls in Schenectady and Albany.

Gone are the days when corporate donors wrote checks for the “nice” programs or the “cute” girls, said Wilson-Giarratano, the nonprofit’s CEO and its chief fundraiser.

The recession has left corporate donors with less money to give, and they are scrutinizing charitable requests with a keen eye. Now, more than ever, return on investment weighs heavily in determining who gets what.

5-Minute Interview With Matthew Bregman of El Museo del Barrio
June 1, 2007

El Museo del Barrio was founded in 1969 by a group of Puerto Rican educators, artists, parents and community activists in East Harlem’s Spanish-speaking El Barrio. Today, it’s a leading Latino cultural institution dedicated to representing the diversity of art and culture from the Caribbean and Latin America.