Balance: The Fundraiser's Best Friend
November 13, 2014

Balance isn't about doing things without cautious planning, but it isn't always about playing it safe, either. Launching and perfecting a new fundraising program that is sustainable is a great way to make 2015 memorable.

Vote of Confidence
November 1, 2012

President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney are employing increasingly sophisticated tools to get more people to donate to their campaigns. From text donations to sending e-mails encouraging supporters to buy T-shirts to using online video games to attract supporters to displaying actual Facebook friends who have "liked" the campaign — the candidates are counting on the "cool" factor to lure new donors, particularly Gen Xers and Gen Yers, experts say.

Silverpop Achieves 50 Percent Growth in First Quarter
May 3, 2012

Silverpop, the only digital marketing technology provider that unifies marketing automation, email, mobile, and social, today announces significant, quarterly year-over-year sales performance. The company experienced a 50 percent increase in closed new business, as compared to Q1 2011.  Additionally, Silverpop increased its Professional Services revenue by 60 percent and its partner-generated revenue by nearly 500 percent, also as compared to Q1 last year.

Silverpop launches charity Facebook sweepstakes for marketers
November 28, 2011

Marketing email vendor Silverpop launched a Facebook "marketing innovations" sweepstakes campaign, in which marketers can win prizes while Silverpop makes donations on their behalf to charity: water. The nonprofit organization seeks to bring clean, safe drinking water to developing nations.

The campaign, which began on Nov. 21 and will run through January 2012, is geared toward marketers and is running on Silverpop's Facebook page. For each new fan, the company will donate $1 to charity: water, with a maximum of $5,000 over the course of the promotion.

5 Social E-Mail Trends to Watch
January 19, 2010

Social e-mail sharing, where recipients share noteworthy e-mails with their friends on social networks such as Facebook and MySpace or spread them via Twitter, is the new frontier for today's e-mail marketers.

E-Mail No-Nos to Avoid
August 6, 2008

“If you don’t subscribe to Media Post or Uncle Roger’s Agitator blog, then perhaps you haven’t read the latest from Silverpop’s Loren McDonald. Read on and find out what Loren says are the biggest email design & marketing mistakes to avoid! 1. Making it difficult to unsubscribe. 2. No ‘welcome’ message and/or waiting weeks to send the first message. 3. Over mailing. 4. Using a large single image as the core of your email. 5. Not using alt tags. 6. Relying on graphical links. 7. Not having a preference center. 8. Not designing for the preview pane. 9. Using a person’s name in