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6 Steps to Improve Online Giving
November 25, 2013

Here are six quick tips to improve your online-giving experience for your donors: 1. Abide by the one-click rule. 2. Keep the online-giving form simple. 3. Tell your donors why they should donate. 4. Use video to thank your donors. 5. Make it easy to donate through social media by directing donors to your donation site. 6. Ask your donors to get their donations matched.

One Day I Talked to a Great Finance Executive …
July 30, 2013

Two weeks ago, the heat index in New York City was 107 degrees. One would have thought the session I participated in with a finance executive and a bunch of fundraising executives would have been just that hot, right?

5 Nonprofits Maximizing YouTube's Nonprofit Program
July 8, 2013

Google is shutting down Google Checkout worldwide and replacing it with Google Wallet Nov. 20, so at the very least those nonprofits taking advantage of YouTube’s Nonprofit Program that also take the necessary steps to accept donations through Google Wallet and YouTube, will be the best positioned when wallets go mainstream and transform online and mobile fundraising. That said, for your inspiration, below are five nonprofits maximizing YouTube’s Nonprofit Program and YouTube’s new channel design: ASPCA, Natrue Conservancy, Oxfam, SOS Children's Villages and WITNESS.

8 Must-Do Fundraising Changes to Make Now
February 1, 2013

Now's the time to outline the right things for your organization's fundraising/marketing team to do this year. But to do it well, you have to get what's going on outside your organization as well as within it.

Nature Conservancy Offers Investment Option to Supporters
September 18, 2012

Since April, the Nature Conservancy has secured more than $16 million with the Conservation Note, a new investment program that will return an interest rate of up to 2 percent to the charity’s supporters.

Under the arrangement, supporters who provide at least $25,000 to the Nature Conservancy to invest for a term of one, three or five years will earn 0 percent to 2 percent in interest and get all their money back.

37 Must-Have Strategies to Better Engage Website Visitors, Part 2
August 15, 2012

At the Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference, three fundraising technology professionals shared some website best practices in their session “37 Must-Have Strategies to Better Engage Your Website Visitor.” Here are the strategies 9-17.