Engage Conference Spotlight: Resolutions, Reminders and the Mobile Revolution
March 13, 2013

It's no secret that society is going mobile, and that means fundraisers should be adapting to the mobile landscape as well. In our February issue last month, MINDset Direct VP Karin Kirchoff and Jeff Regen, general manager of the nonprofit group at Merkle, hit on "Resolutions, Reminders and the Mobile Revolution" in their Multichannel Moxie feature.

'Are We Mailing Too Much?' Is the Wrong Question
February 19, 2013

A recent industry study in 2011 found that "too much" was only a problem if the messaging wasn't relevant. Hence, the questions we should be asking ourselves are what our donors expect, how they feel and what we're doing to drive a great communication experience with our brands.

Looking Back: The Better Newsletter
January 24, 2013

In the December 2007 issue, columnist Jeff Brooks, then creative director at Merkle and now creative director at TrueSense Marketing, provided four steps to give your newsletter maximum positive impact with donors in his column, "The Better Newsletter."

Reflections on 10 Years
January 1, 2013

FundRaising Success published its first issue in November 2003, which makes this our 10-year anniversary year. To celebrate, we’ll be taking a look back at past issues throughout the year. To start, here are some words of wisdom culled from stories that appeared in our very first issue.

Shake Off the Blues and Bring on the Boomers
November 1, 2012

We know the baby boomer population is huge, but we also know relatively few boomers donate even though they are hitting prime giving age. So what do the boomers want, and how do we capture and engage them?

The Value of an Expectation
July 1, 2012

What's the key to improving donor satisfaction scores and, with that, donor value? A donor-centric approach founded on integrated and personalized multichannel communications is the answer.

A Conversation on Integrated Marketing and Fundraising, Part 1
February 22, 2012

FundRaising Success speaks with Integrated Marketing Advisory Board Chairman Michael Johnston, founder and president of Hewitt and Johnston Consultants (hjc), and IMAB member Sara Spivey, chief marketing officer at Convio, about the role of the IMAB and the importance of integrated marketing and fundraising in today's landscape.