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The Road Ahead for New York City Nonprofits
September 29, 2009

September 28, 2009, Huffington Post — I've dedicated more than half of my professional life to public service in New York City. In that time I've served four different mayors, led the City's initial response to the onslaught of HIV/AIDS, battled rising homelessness in our shelters and assisted victims of 9/11 in the immediate aftermath of that national tragedy.

Nonprofits Blaze Virtual Trails in Second Life Mixed Reality Lounge
June 9, 2009

June 8, 2009, Huffington Post — The setting was an amphitheater filled with attendees from around the globe. The scene sounds fairly usual, although the attendees were sitting amongst a Panda -- wearing a shoulder-ferret (looks exactly like it sounds), a bald English woman levitating in lotus position; a small penguin; a punk-rocker girl, replete with a bull's style nose ring; and yours truly, Glitteractica Cookie (Susan Tenby by human/legal standards), a pink-skinned cat-lady, emblazoned with paw-print tattoos, wearing a tuxedo T-shirt and a tutu, though I was both virtual and present in real-life, which is not as tricky as it sounds.