GoodThreads and FirstGiving Offer Nonprofits New Online Giving Platform
September 29, 2011

GoodThreads announced a strategic partnership with online fundraising software vendor FirstGiving. Both brands will use core assets of their technology to create an innovative solution for nonprofit partners who want to offer personalized merchandise to supporters for events and fundraisers.

The partnership will create a new channel of giving for nonprofit partners through personalized merchandise. to Streamline Giving, Sign Presidential Campaigns
July 18, 2011

Despite launching just five months ago, 19-year-old Nate Drouin says some 500 users have tapped it to solicit donations for causes that range from tsunami relief to anti-nuke protests. He expects more than $2 million in revenue by year’s end and more than twice that in 2012. Drouin, who postponed attending Rollins College to launch the site in Boston, using $250,000 from friends and relatives, wants to shape the seven-person site into a donations platform as ubiquitous as Facebook or Twitter. and FirstGiving Announce Partnership to Increase Memorial Giving
June 7, 2011

Tributes Inc., an online resource for local and national obituary news, and FirstGiving, an online peer-to-peer fundraising tools provider, announced that they have formed a strategic partnership. has integrated FirstGiving’s Global Charity API Platform throughout the obituary classified destination site to help facilitate memorial giving to major charities in line with the final wishes of those who have passed away and are permanently memorialized in the database.

Charities Turn To Twitter To Boost Fundraising
March 31, 2011

More than 150 cities across the world participated in Twestival this year. Each city selected a local charity and received a Web page from FirstGiving.

'Twestival' brings the Twittersphere offline and onto a physical location — a fairground, skating rink, park — for a single day to highlight a community cause. This year, it was March 24, with donations accepted through March 31 on the website. As of March 31, they had raised more than $550K for more than 150 local nonprofit causes.

Online Giving Meets Social Networking
September 8, 2010

LATE last month, tens of thousands of runners who are registered for this year’s New York City Marathon got an e-mail from Mary Wittenberg, the president and chief executive of New York Road Runners.

She implored the runners to join a social networking Web site that Mr. Norton and three partners started in May that she says has the potential to revolutionize charitable giving. It’s called

Dipping Your Toe Into the Blogopool
September 1, 2009

Most of the nonprofit techies I know have a laptop appendage — an extra (digital) limb, of sorts — attached to their bodies. Not so with fundraisers. As a breed, fundraisers are "people people" — they spend their time cultivating relationships by phone and face to face. Sure, you know how to use a computer, but when it comes down to the big ask, you've got to get out from behind your desk, right? Reaches $100 Million Raised for Charity
July 13, 2009

SOMERVILLE, Mass., July 13, 2009 —, a leading web-based fundraising platform for nonprofit organizations, today announced a major milestone. Since 2003, Firstgiving has helped over 1.8 million people raise more than $100 Million for over 27,000 different nonprofit organizations. These funds have helped disease research, education, housing, healthcare, animal care and many other very worthy causes all across the United States.

Tips for Harnessing Web 2.0 Potential
May 13, 2009

The communications landscape is changing every day and, as it does, more and more nonprofits are realizing that they need to create a presence for their brands where potential supporters are. Today, many of those places are Web 2.0 hideouts like social-networking sites and blogs.

In the Campbell & Co.-sponsored webinar, "Philanthropy 2.0," in March, presenters Leslie Gryce Sturino, director of marketing for Campbell & Co., and Brian Kish, assistant vice president for advancement at Salve Regina University and an annual-giving consultant with Campbell & Co., discussed the Web 2.0 and social-networking tools available to nonprofits and how fundraisers can use them to engage potential supporters.