Fast Company

Tweet, Tweet, Ka-Ching: Twitter Is Changing the Way Nonprofits Make the Ask
September 25, 2009

September 23, 2009, Fast Company — Can non-profits raise awareness, increase membership, and--most critically--“make the ask” successfully on Twitter? Can a 140-character message deliver the visceral wallop of, say, heart-wrenching footage of starving children covered in flies or the sad eyes of a neglected and abused animal? The answer is yes.

Daddy Givebucks: Lessons Learned When Warren Buffett Hands You $1 Billion
August 17, 2009

September 2009, Fast Company — For all the talk of how Warren Buffett is a normal, aw-shucks Midwestern guy, we know he is not just like us. We don't play bridge with Bill Gates. We may get calls asking for capital infusions, but they're from our kids, not from GE and Goldman. And these days, we certainly don't get 10% dividends on our stocks.